Luvia and Hector are a husband and wife team pursuing their dream of providing healthy, G.M.O free, Authentic Mexican food in the US. This is the first of its kind in the country and hopefully, itíll soon catch on at more locations. This family comprises of three true pioneers of a Vegan lifestyle that involves healthy eating and spiritual beliefs that promote a Vegan diet. Luvia is from Oaxaca, Mexico and Hector is from Mexico City. Their heritage runs deep in their food, as you can truly savor in their delightful, authentic, no-messing-around, Mexican food. Dining with them is like you have been invited right into their hearts. They are a very hard working family. Luvia a former C.N.A. and surgical tech, has been vegan for 5 years. Hector owned a catering business serving as many as five thousand people at once and has been vegan for fifteen years. Luviaís father, who is also a part of the team, is a former construction worker, and has been vegan for five years. Their goal is to stay true to their vision of helping others, maintaining the integrity of proper food handing, staying educated on food allergies and the needs of the people. She has been very protective of who she has brought on board, because her main concern is serving quality food that people can trust and to make sure guests are happy. For most people on a more conscious path of eating healthy, finding enough choices in food is a constant struggle. This lack of choices became the motivation for this family in making this dream a reality, creating a cuisine that an ordinary person could relate to and enjoy.

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